Teachings & Traditions Retreat

8 day Ceremony & Workshop Retreat in Tepoztlán, Mexico
23 - 31 OCTOBER 2023
(Intake and Prep. Required)

Healing & Tradition

Safety & Spaceholding

Integrity & Love

About this Retreat

Traditions of Mexico and Ecuador:

Embark on a transformative journey at our immersive 8-day retreat in the heart of Tepoztlan, Mexico. Drawing on the ancient traditions of the Azteca and Chichimeca people of Mexico, as well as the Uwishin of Ecuador, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge of traditional medicine practices.

Under the guidance of experienced facilitators, you'll learn to integrate traditional medicine practices into your work with psychedelics and deepen your understanding of their therapeutic potential. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty of Tepoztlan as you connect with like-minded individuals and expand your horizons.

Join us for this unique and enriching experience and discover the transformative power of traditional medicine practices.
Open to Synaptic students as well as students from other training programs or currently practicing facilitators.

A privately rented ceremonial retreat centre, built and run by indigenous locals, in Tepoztlan (1hr.30min. from Mexico City) will feature the following:

4 Traditional Medicine Ceremonies, We recommend participating in three of them
Sweatlodge (Temazcal)
Making a shamanic hand drum workshop
Singing / Drumming workshop
Breathwork & Yoga
Elder workshop (tata Juvenal): about medicine, offering, singing, smudging, etc.
Tlamanalli : Flower altar / offering
Cacao ceremony & meditation
Nature Hike


Day 1 Reception, Opening circle

Day 2 Day: Nature hike and birdwatching; Night: Ceremony 1

Day 3 Day: Rest + integration circle; Afternoon: Sweatlodge

Day 4 Day: Drum making workshop; Night: Ceremony 2

Day 5 Day: Rest; Afternoon Breathwork & yoga, Tlamanalli Flower offering workshop

Day 6 Day: Elder workshop; Night: Ceremony 3 with Chichimeca elder

Day 7 Afternoon: Cacao Ceremony; Evening: Meditation/Ceremony 4

Day 8 Early Integration circle and closure before 12.


(all Workshops, Ceremonies and Meals included)

Private 1 person

$1900 us

Private room with King Size bed and private bathroom/shower. Limited availability. Scroll down for pictures.

Private / Couple

$1750 us

Price per person. Private room with King Size bed and private bathroom/shower. Limited availability. Scroll down for pictures.

Shared triple room

$1600 us

Price per person / bed in shared room for 3 people with private bathroom/shower. Scroll down for pictures.

Shared Dorm

$1450 us

Price per person. Bed in shared dorm : 1 male dorm and 1 female dorm, with shared bathroom / shower. Scroll down for pictures.

Airport transport to/from venue

$170 us

Shared car with 3 to 4 people with moderate luggage. 1hr. 30 min. ride from Mexico City 'Benito Juarez' International Airport. 

Massage: Mexican or Ayurvedic

$80 us

If there's time for facilitators, a massage may be booked. This can be a traditional Mexican massage by Marta, or a Warm Oil massage based on Ayurvedic and shamanic methods by Mano. Also a traditional 'limpia', rub and spiritual/devotional cleansing can be booked with elder tata Juvenal.

Write to us: Questions y Participation

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