Cultural, Spiritual & Therapeutical centre

Traditional and Ceremonial Medicine
Mexico - Amazon

Tepoztlán, Morelos state, México

Traditional Mexican and Amazonian Medicine, Groups and Private Ceremonies, Retreats & Lodging, Sweatlodges, Therapies and SPA, Cacao Ceremony, Music & Meditation, Excursions to Natural, Archeological and Thermal Aquatic sites.  Indigenous Plant-Medicine Retreats in the Amazon, Ecuador.

Health, Wellbeing and Spiritual Integration

Casa Ayamtai, Tepoztlán
Ancestral Ceremony

We'll help you to prepare yourself to participate in a safe and responsible way in an open group or private (group) ceremony, or an individual therapeutic plant medicine work. The ceremonies are nocturnal and we'll provide aftercare and integration talks afterwards if you may come to need it. Our languages are Spanish, English, Portuguese and Dutch.

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Medicine Music

Culturally growing and weaving in our tradition, we offer meditation and healing through song and music, encompassing music and chants of the Amazonian, Mexican, Santo Daime and Andes traditions, with use of traditional instruments. This music guides us with the medicines through our blockages, and mostly opens us up to cleansing and understanding.

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Ceremonial Centre

Our ceremonial and therapeutical centre is a humble and familiar space, a home also, not for large groups, but for medicine circles of up to 12 people and lodging for up to 7 people in two rooms, and room for children that come with parent(s) to a ceremony. We have an interior ceremony space and an outside area with a fireplace and garden and mountain view. 

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Temazcal / Sweatlodge

The traditional Temazcal, sweatlodge ritual is for groups of 7 to 12 people. We gather around our sacred grandmother-stones to heal, to chant, to meditate, to cleanse and detox, to give thanks and raise our prayer and purpose. The work takes place in 2 to 4 hours. In the therapeutical Temazcal, for 1 to 4 people, we work with medicinal herbs and massage inside the sweatlodge, and less hot rocks.

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Therapies, SPA, healing & wellbeing

Recover yourself with (thermal-) therapies and healing in a Spa-ritual: Indian massage with warm oils, Swedish Sauna of 90ºC; a Ritual of 'saunación'; Infra-red light therapy, plant-medicine guided intensive massage with aromas and sound healing; a therapeutical or medicine-guided sweatlodge ceremony. 

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Retreats and Lodging for 7 p.

Several ceremonies in a retreat allows the plant medicine to work on a deeper level. Let's say for 4 or 7 days: ceremonies with plant-medicine or a family ceremony; meditation on music and chants, aromas, Spa, massage; a Cacao ceremony and a flower offering, relaxation and integration work, nature hiking, thermal waters, and visits to ancient sites. for up to 7 people, with kitchen, laundry service, home-trainer and a family garden with a small pool. 

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Offerings & Traditional Altars

We share our altars as they were taught to us by tradition, such as flower altars, offerings, where we give deep thought and prayer to recognize the relationships we have with the Spirit and the natural forces that guide and surround all beings on Mother Earth. Likewise through cacao ceremonies, female circles, word, music and chanting.

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Curanderos, elderly healers 

Healings, retreats and ceremonies with our elders, our guides, teachers, grandfathers- and mothers of tradition in Mexico and the Amazon. We work with music healers, crafters and other therapists to share their herbal medicine, or frog/toad medicine, and workshops with singing and playing native instruments such as drums, flutes and harmonicas.

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Traditional Herbal Medicine

We offer therapies and herbal remedy of Mexican and Amazonian tradition, and work with several elderly shamans of the Mexican, Shuar and Shipibo tradition of the Amazon. We produce some natural aromas and medicinal tinctures of 100% natural and organic origin.

Picture Gallery: Casa Ayamtai in Mexico



Chaarpi Kakármarinjiai, Chichamruka, Ipiamtaiti, Tuke Arutma Kakarmarinjiai   
'My strength is Lightning, My Voice is Thunder.. ARUTAM,
Consciousness of the Light since inmemorable times' 

Upcoming retreat: October 20 to 29 2022 in Ecuador.
We offer retreats with our Indigenous medicine families and teachers: the Shuar in the upper Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, and the Shipibo in Peru.
Get to more info and a gallery down on this page and on www.natem.info

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Travel with us to the upper Amazon jungle in Ecuador

Ancestral Shuar Retreats, Dietas, Healings and Teachings
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Natemamu Oct. 2022
Waterfall & Medicine Retreat

9 day retreat: medicine ceremonies, sacred waterfall ritual & rite of passage, Natem ritual of purification, medicine cooking, Sweatlodge, hiking.

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Private Amazon retreats
Ceremonies, Dietas & Teaching

Private individual or group retreats, for intensified healings, dietas, medicine ceremonies, therapies, sweatlodge and teachings. 

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Taita Hilario, Uwishin elder
Shuar shaman, healer, teacher

Is a heir of the Uwishin healer tradition within his family for generations, and brought his millenary practice, arts and healing around the globe.

Picture Gallery: Ayamtai Medicine Retreats in Ecuador

Video: Know more about Traditional Amazonian Medicine and Culture

Uwishin, Medicina y Mística Shuar

Natem, Millenary Shuar Knowledge

​Ceremony of Ancestral Medicines

When the energy of our body is blocked we are more likely to suffer physical and mental illnesses. In the ceremonial and therapeutical of ancestral medicines, the plant medicines are used in a synchrony between silence and dynamism that leads us into deep meditation. This practice is very effective as therapy and its proper use restores and balances our entire energy system. It also helps relax muscles, release all tension and hardening, working at different levels: it stimulates the energy of our cells, muscles, bones, joints and nerves, and strengthens our spirit, memory y cleanses our emotions.

The ceremony gives us an integrated healing experience, it is a sacred space where millenary resources are applied, of chants, designs and knowledge of ancestral medicine. Diverse techniques, prayers, aromas, live music of the Amazon and other traditions with the therapeutical use of powerful plants, intensify our experience and refine our senses. It is performed under experienced conditions that legitimize and make the experience rewarding, deepening to expand our consciousness. The ceremonies are nocturnal, led by the Uwishin (Shaman), and begins with a purpose for which it is being performed and continues with the medicines for all participants, starting with Tsaank, traditional mapacho (amazonian tobacco) juice to clean our nasal ways and open our spirit to receive the power of the plants. Next is the experience of silence of speech and silence at a physical level. The following space is one of activating the senses to celebrate and experience the process of healing through song and meditation.  The purpose is to find the balance between the internal and the external, the love and harmony between our physical, mental and spiritual body.

We work and are recognized within the traditions of Shuar medicine in Ecuador and ancestral medicine of Mexico. With the plant medicines we work during nighttime, towards purification, cleansing, awakening of our consciousness and vision, as much as reenforce our spiritual strength, mental, physical and emotional health, to open to love and reconnect to the forces of our natural origins, remembering our innate relationships and essence. In meditation with the Grandfather Fire, songs and prayers are shared, with feathers and aromas of cedar, sage, copal and palo santo to encourage the cleansing and healing, while celebrating Life and the forces of nature that guide and surround us. 

For a greater benefit of the plant medicines and the safety of all participants, a preparation is needed: to clarify our purpose, practice breath-work, adjust our intake of certain foods for 3 days before and after ceremony, as well as abstain from certain medications and sexual activity. Each participant will receive and be guided through this information, interviewed about health conditions, and will sign to commit to these instructions, in order to participate in the most safe and effective way. 

Ancestral Medicine Ceremony


With our families heart centered and planted in Mexican and Amazonian Traditional Medicine, Thankful to the elders that transmitted us and allowed us to sustain this ancestral knowledge and service, we offer our ceremonies and healings to groups and individuals, as well as tailor-made retreat programs, traditional therapies, sweatlodge ceremony, Cacao ceremony, SPA-ritual for healings and relaxation, music-therapy yoga and meditation.

"Heaven, Earth, Water, Air, Fire! The Memory of the Relation and direct connection with Arutam, Great Spirit, has always been Awake and Alive"

Ayamtai Family


Uwishin Ceremony guide, Medicine man and Musician of  Amazonian and Mexican tradition, Herbal and Massage Therapist


Healer / Medicine Musician, Professional Harp player, Singer, Cacao Ceremony Guide
Sahumadora, Music Teacher
and vocal trainer 


Healer / Medicine Musician / Singer
Traditional Andes Medicine Guide, flute maker

Write to us: Questions y Participation

Ayamtai, home of Traditional Medicine

Ayamtai means house, altar or temple of Arutam (Great Spirit in Shuar language), it is the place where the Spirit rests, searches for a vision, where emocional, physical and spiritual health and strength is treated.It's a sacred, ancestral and therapeutical place, for meditation, using powerful plant medicine to encounter oneself with the devine, the harmony and energy of Mother Nature.


Thank you for this beautiful ceremony. I felt great confidence and very special to have my first experience here! For starters, the warm welcome in this warm family felt like coming home. The guidance and preparation were very pleasant and helped me feel comfortable towards the ceremony. I felt very safe and calm in the environment. I'm sure I will come back in the future. Thank you for this experience, a remembrance I will never ever forget! 

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From my arrival I felt very welcome with Mano. A calm and sweet man with an enormous passion for plant medicine. He made us feel trust and I felt very comfortable. The ceremony was prepared with a lot of care, and there was all the space for my needs. During the ceremony I felt safe, because he knew how to anticipate my needs and of the other participants. The musical accompaniment was like the cherrie on the pie. The medicine was very powerful and with great impact, and with Mano and Bárbara at my side I completely dared to dive in. Thanks to them it was an incredible journey. It gave me a lot of insights, and trust to stand even more in my own power. Also during the days after the contact with Mano helped to integrate the understandings. I would recommend a ceremony with Mano to any person who feels that calling. Thanks for this unforgettable journey and the beautiful connection!

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If plant medicine is calling you I would definitely recommend experiencing a ceremony with Mano. We stayed with him in his house for 3 nights, I couldn't have felt more welcome. Mano's hospitality was excellent, we were even spoiled with home made bread.
Before the ceremony we were able to ask out questions so we felt completely comfortable going in to the ceremony.
Mano made me feel at ease, during the ceremony he paid attention and gave the support that was necessary. Also he made it feel completely authentic with beautiful background stories and making music with his amazing instruments.
The day after the ceremony I booked a massage and sauna which felt amazing with the medicine still present.
I would highly recommend this complete experience!




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